1964 Supro Model 16T Trojan Tremolo

This is a vintage 1964 Supro Model 16T “Trojan Tremolo” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number G34839, is in very excellent 100% all original condition, including; original Cascade Blue tolex, the original 5″ x 9″ Rola speaker, original caps, original power cable and all original tubes! Do not be fooled by its beauty, as the near ethereal exterior belies the menacing growl it produces when pushed over the edge! This unique and extremely attractive amp is a must have for the Supro fanatics, small amp proponents, studios with flare and even those who color coordinate their rigs.

Serial Number: G34839
Transformer Codes: 524 64 40, 524 64 39
Speaker Code: 285446 (Rola)

This amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3 rectifier tube, (1) 6V6 power tube, and (2) 12AX7preamp tubes through a 5″ by 9″ oval Rola speaker.

The cosmetic condition of this amp is quite impressive, with no evidence of significant flaws or damage. There is really nothing to mention other than noticeable oxidation on the handle brackets, as well as the faceplate. The thin white stripe/band is very clean, intact and nice. The grill cloth is in perfect structural condition, and the cascade blue tolex is in correspondingly excellent shape.

As previously mentioned, the amp sounds incredible. The “normal” input channel produces fantastic overdriven crunch which seems to compliment any guitar, while the “treble” input has slightly less gain. This particular amp sounds great with both a Tele and a Les Paul. The tremolo, which functions perfectly, offers a strong square wave signal and creates a very dramatic effect. The original speaker (with original cone) is in perfect structural condition and does not exhibit fatigue.