1964 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve

Here is a vintage 1964 Silvertone Twin Twelve Model 1484 electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, chassis number 185.11040, is in excellent 100% all original condition, and even includes an entirely original set of RCA-made Silvertone-labeled vacuum tubes. This early production Salt & Pepper tolex version features the better-performing, and quite desirable, Jensen Special Design C12Q speakers, while the majority of Twin Twelves (produced between ’65-’66) tend to have lower quality generic CTS 12″ speakers. Recently purchased from the original owner, this amp works perfectly and sounds incredible. I’ve owned many, and this is amongst the best I’ve ever heard.

Serial Number: 185.11040 (chassis number)
Speaker Codes: 220424 (Jensen Gold & Brown label C12Qs)

Originally offered in the Sears catalog for a mere $149.95, the ’64 Silvertone 1484 remains an incredible bargain. While comparable amps are easily be worth over $2,000.00, the Silvertone Twin Twelve was manufactured in such a robust supply, that their plentiful production makes them easily affordable even today.

The Silvertone 1484 features: (2) 6L6 power tubes, (4) 12AX7 preamp/reverb tubes, and (2) 6FQ7 tubes through the original 2 x 12″ Jensen C12Q Special Design speakers with the original cones.

The overall cosmetic condition of this particular ’64 Silvertone Twin Twelve is very nice. The original sparkle-accented Wheat-colored grillcloth is structurally intact, and void of the usual rips, tears, distress and fraying. The black spotted Silver tolex (like that of a Salt & Pepper Fender Mustang case) is also quite nice, with some minimal evidence of storage wear. The cabinet is strong and sturdy, exhibiting no noise nor fatigue from sympathetic vibrations.

As mentioned, this amp sounds incredible. Interestingly, to my ear, this amp pleasantly echoes the tonality, presence, and volume of a VOX AC-30. Not oppressively loud, with a sweet chime when pushed past 7, this is a fantastic recording and live amp. It is a must have amongst tone-seekers.