1964 National Val-Verb 1260

This is a vintage 1964 National Val-Verb 1260 electric guitar amplifier. This rather rare model, serial number G16184, is nearly identical to Supro’s famed 1624T, which has become synonymous with Jimmy Page’s best Zeppelin tone. The discerning difference between the layout of the 1260 and the 1624T, is that the National has a pair of 10″ speakers, while the Supro 1624T sports a single 12″ speaker. Interestingly, Page allegedly modified his Supro to accommodate a pair of 10″ speakers, which would suggest this particular model is the closest to achieving Page’s famous tone! Having owned over a hundred Valco amplifiers, I can say with certainty that his National will spoil it’s owner, as it’s difficult to imagine a better sounding amp.

This 100% all original example is in very nice condition. Cosmetically, it’s entirely intact though there is evidence of slight wear. Internally, it remains 100% original, including; tubes, caps, transformers and speakers.

While Supro and National produced similar models, the National line was generally more expensive, and the enhanced vinyl exterior combo and chrome control panels were upgraded appointments beyond those found on similar Supro models.