1964 Gibson GA 30 RVT Invader

Here’s a vintage 1964 Gibson GA 30 RVT Invader Crestline-series electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 721038, is in nice all original condition, includes the original (hardwired) footswitch and includes an entire original set of tubes. This all original amp works perfectly and sounds freaking fantastic. Completely and utterly underrated, the Crestline series GA 30 is one of the best combo amps from the 60’s, and those who appreciate amps by Epiphone, Supro, Silvertone, etc. will certainly enjoy this amp. In fact, this amp is not just surprisingly great, it absolutely triumphantly trumps the performance of every Gibson Crestline amp: it has the power, the presence, and the tone. Every input is glorious, and it is simply one of the best Gibson amps I’ve heard.

Serial Number: 721038
Transformer Codes: 166438
Speaker Codes: 137 449

This ’64 Gibson Invader GA 30 RVT amp utilizes: (1) 0A2, (2) 7591, (4) 6EU7, and (2) 12AU7 original tubes (RCA, GE) through the original 1 x 8″ and 1 x 12″ CTS speakers.

Maybe it’s 7591 power tubes, or perhaps it’s the mismatched pair of 12″ and 8″ speakers, but whatever it is, it’s approaching magical. With an interesting presence and sensitive projection, yet combined with mild musical overdrive, this is one of those amps that sounds brilliant when everything is dimed. It perfectly complements a humbucking pickups, and is equally interesting for all single-coils.

The amp is in good/nice cosmetic condition, though the handle has been replaced and it is missing one light bulb plastic cover. Otherwise it is all original and intact. The original grillecloth is in excellent structural shape, and the original rough brown vinyl tolex is in good condition.