1964 Gibson Firebird VII

Here is a vintage 1964 Gibson Firebird VII electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 256743, is in good 100% all original condition. This incredibly exotic and rare guitar is only 1 of approximately 200 Reverse Firebird VIIs ever made, and happens to exactly resemble the one made famous by Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones. The Firebird VII combines the already ingeniously crafted and contoured Firebird body with a magnificent triple pickup arrangement, adorned with golden hardware, and topped off with bold block inlays. The reverse Firebird VII is without question one of Gibson’s masterpieces.

Serial Number: 256743
Pot Codes: 137 6343 (CTS, late-1963)
Pickup Resistances: 6.83Ω, 6.58Ω, 6.53Ω
Weight: 8 lbs. 13 oz.

This Reverse Firebird VII features: the pre-’65 reverse style body and headstock profile, 5-piece mahogany neck thru body construction, bound ebony fingerboard with block inlays, (3) Patent No. mini-humbucking pickups, Tune-O-Matic bridge, engraved Maestro Lyre Vibrola tailpiece, Gibson banjo tuners, 3 -ply pickguard with Firebird emblem, gold reflector knobs, and all gold hardware.

With incredible vibe and mojo, this guitar plays incredibly well, feels fantastic, and sounds amazing. While the guitar remains in all original condition, it did suffer the unfortunate headstock break. There are no other cracks, breaks, or repairs on the guitar, however, the neck break did appear severe, and the repair was intensive. It was repaired rather nicely, and the previous owner was intent that Gibson had done the work. There are 4 small dowels installed along the break under the truss rod cover, and it appears a 6″ portion of the neck was later grafted on to fully restore the guitar to a solid structural state. The fingerboard, binding, and inlays are all original, but the finish where the new part of the neck joins the headstock and the portion well above the heel was french polished to help blend the different finishes. As mentioned above it is so incredibly well done, most would never see the damage if it weren’t explained.

The neck feels perfect, and the headstock break isn’t visible, let alone, physically noticeable. The frets are nearly perfectly intact, and the fingerboard is very attractive with little to no wear. The gold hardware is worn in many places, but is generally intact and void of oxidation. The body is actually quite clean and well preserved with the usual weather-checking, several dings, and typical edge wear form the case.

The original truss rod cover has after-market paint over the original Gibson logo to match the gold hardware. The Gibson case is an original Firebird case from the 1970s, and was supposedly placed with the ‘Bird upon the repairs having been completed, possibly by Gibson. The small chipped portion of the pickguard is included, as are the original case keys.

Without the neck issue, this guitar would easily be worth up to $20,000.00, so take advantage of this opportunity to buy an original vintage player’s grade example for less than half price, because with less than 200 made, there is a very scarce chance that a similar condition ‘Bird will be offered anytime soon!