1964 Gibson Firebird I

This is a vintage 1964 Gibson Firebird I electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 173751, is in good original condition. Interestingly, the previous owner acquired this guitar directly from Eric Johnson over 15 years ago, so it happens to have some celebrity provenance and a cool pedigree.

While this guitar does have several cosmetic and structural issues it remains extremely original otherwise, including; the original body and body finsih, the original neck, the pickguard, the nickel compensated wrap-around bridge/tailpiece, original gold insert top hat knobs, original pots, original Kluson banjo tuners, original truss rod cover and original case (not pictured).

Unfortunately, this Firebird displays the all too notorious headstock break and subsequent repair. It appears to have been broken a single time, many years ago. The headstock was refinished to conceal the break, and this included the addition of a stinger in black to the back of the headstock. Probably around the same time, the guitar was entirely oversprayed with a clear lacquer finish. Completely unnecessary, at least the clear coat was simply applied over the original Sunburst color. And for those who are interested in a project, it looks as if the oversrpay could be rubbed out if desired.

Aside from the finish and structural defects, this guitar has replaced pickup leads, and replaced tailpiece studs. Both of these issues could be easily restored as well. There are no cracks in the neck heel nor are there any structural issues near the input jack. It has been refretted with larger stock frets, of which there is plenty of life remaining. With minimal work, this guitar could be an absolute amazing player’s instrument. It weights 7 lbs. 11 oz., and the mini-humbucking pickup measures 6.56 ohms.