1964 Gibson ES-330 TDC

This is a vintage 1964 Gibson ES-330 TDC hollow body electric guitar. This 100% ALL original example was purchased in August 2010 from the family of the original owner. While exhibiting evidence of serious playing wear, both on the neck and body, the guitar is perfectly intact with no originality issues, no repairs, and no structural problems. This beautiful vintage ES-330 is perfect for both the player who want an investment-grade piece or the collector who wants a nice player’s example.

This guitar plays amazingly well, sounds fantastic, and looks killer. The slim neck profile feels great, while both pickups are loud, efficient, and rich. The guitar weighs 6 pounds and 10 ounces, and feels absolutely incredible. Typically, the ES-330 model does not feature an orange label, as it usually has the serial number stamped on the back of the headstock and/or an FON stamped inside the body. However, those made in 1964 are unique, in that, they almost always display an orange label. In addition to the “Union Made” orange label specific to the ’64 ES-330, this particular ES-330 features: a cherry finish, (2) P-90 pickups, a maple body construction, a 1-piece mahogany neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, a 1 11/16” nut width, nickel hardware, an ABR-1 Tun-O-Matic bridge with nylon saddles, original top hat knobs with chrome inserts, original single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with attractively yellowed plastic buttons, original trapeze tailpiece, a thick 4-ply (b/w/b/w) pickguard, and an era-appropriate hard case painted silver.

With significant and isolated wear patterns, it is quite clear that the original/previous owner played this guitar regularly for nearly 40 years, while also maintaining it in very nice condition with considerable respect. The cherry finish is still very vibrant and rich, while the binding has aged to a beautiful creamy patina. The wear is completely through the finish on nearly the entire length of the back of the neck. There is arm wear on the top of the guitar, which has caused the finish to exhibit intensified weather-checking and fading. Similar wear is evident on the side of the guitar. There is case wear on the treble side of the bottom bout, exposing the maple wood underneath the cherry finish. Consistent with the condition of the back of the neck, the original frets also exhibit considerable wear. Although fret stock used in the early-mid 1960’s was a wider and taller fret than used prior, these frets appear distressed. The guitar plays great as-is, but a fret dressing would greatly improve playability, and a re-fret would restore this guitar with perfect playing potential. The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard features a very rich and dark grain pattern. The original block inlays are in great shape with the exception of the first (3rd fret marker) block inlay is slightly lifting. While almost undetectable, it is worth noting. The nickel hardware (bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, pickguard bracket,) shows oxidation, although it is nicely aged and fairly attractive. As previously mentioned, the original era Lifton case was painted silver, and is missing the handle.

Once again, this guitar weighs a featherweight 6 pounds and 10 ounces, and feels absolutely remarkable.

ES330, ES330TDC, ES-330-TDC, ES335, ES-335