1964 Fender Vibroverb -Amp

Here is a vintage 1964 Fender Vibroverb -Amp electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A00974, is in very nice condition and is the ultimate player’s example. The Fender Vibroverb has long been highly coveted by tone fanatics, and for good reason: it is completely unique, and unlike any other Blackface amp with Reverb. Even the original catalog description suggests it “surpasses other amps in tone and power within and above its price range.” The amp once synonymous with, if not responsible for, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s incredible tone, which was also reissued in 2003 (and discontinued in 2008) is considered the holy grail of Fender Blackface amps, so take advantage of this very reasonable offer with FREE U.S.A. shipping and discounted Worldwide delivery, and become the new owner of one of the best sounding vintage amps ever made!

Serial Number: A00974
Tube Chart Stamp: Not visible
Speaker Code: 220742 (Jensen)
Transformer Codes: 606335, 606-3-41, -606-4-02

The Fender Vibroverb utilizes: (1) 5AR4, (2) 6L6, (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7, and (1) 12AX7 tubes through a vintage replacement 1967 1 x 15″ Jensen C15N speaker.

This amp was recently acquired from a very particular tone fanatic/professional guitarist, and we believe the few modifications to be very deliberate. While the collector’s value might have be diminished in the process, the tonal quality was significantly increased. This is a plug-in-and-play experience to be had, as this amp easily trumps others with the with the same face plate. The speaker, while identical to some in other Vibroverbs just with a later date code, perfectly complements the output and performance of the amp. The output transformer was replaced, as well as, many capacitors. Most of the preamp tubes were upgraded to very expensive Mullard smooth plates, and sound absolutely marvelous. The sound of this Vibroverb is smooth and pleasant with a very musical gain structure, and capable of producing amazing tone from all parts of the sonic spectrum. Strats and Pauls are both welcome, as this amp makes all guitars sing.

The previous owner mentioned that the amp had both the original JBL and the original output transformer when he purchased it, both of which were not included when we bought it, and that he sacrificed originality for tone. His loss is your gain, and we are able to advertise this perfect player’s piece well below that of an original example.

The speaker is in perfect all original condition with the original cone. It is highly responsive, and does not exhibit voicecoil distortion or cone fatigue. This is a rare opportunity for our International customers to get a great amp with fantastic Worldwide shipping prices and practices, that most sellers never extend. We have expertly shipped hundreds of vintage Blackface amps all over the World, and proudly offer such service for this Vibroverb.