1964 Fender Vibroverb

This is a vintage 1964 Fender Vibroverb -Amp electric guitar amplifier. This particular FEIC (Fender Elect. Inst. Co.) example, serial number A01208, is in absolutely impeccable all original cosmetic condition and includes the original footswitch, Victoria vinyl protective cover, original owner’s manual, along with original corresponding paperwork! The Fender Vibroverb has long been highly coveted by tone fanatics, and for good reason: it is completely unique, and unlike any other Blackface Fender amp with Reverb. Even the original catalog description suggests it “surpasses other amps in tone and power within and above its price range.” The amp once synonymous with, if not responsible for, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s incredible tone, which was also reissued in 2003 (and discontinued in 2008) is considered the holy grail of Fender Blackface amps. Having owned several dozen Blackface Vibroverbs, I can say without hesitation, that this is both the cleanest and best sounding example!

Serial Number: A01208
Tube Chart Date: NB (February 1964)
Speaker Code: 137 342 (CTS, late-’63)
Transformer Codes: -606-3-19, 606327, 606340, -606-4-02

The Fender Vibroverb features: (1) 5AR4 rectifier tube, (2) 6L6 power tubes, (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7, and (1) 12AX7, all of which are original tubes through an original 1 x 15″ CTS (5815025) speaker.

Quite incredibly, this amp was procured from a church sale, where this amp resided in the equipment closet for decades prior to being purchased by one of the members. It wasn’t used much after that, and literally had a cover over the original Victoria cover. Uncirculated and unbelievably pristine, this is the ultimate Vibroverb for the Fender amp collector.

As mentioned above, this incredible example is in 100% all original cosmetic condition. Having been lightly serviced several times, some capacitors have been replaced. Otherwise, from the Mullard and RCA power/preamp tubes, to the power cable, it appears the only services were executed in the mid-’70s (by the church) and the early-’00s (by the only other owner).

The grille cloth is in perfect structural condition with no snags, no rips, no tears, and no fraying from rubbing. The rough black Tolex is also perfectly crisp, and after the amp was wiped down, it looks absolutely mint! This museum-piece is the finest example I’ve seen ever to be made available on eBay. Most importantly, the amp works perfectly and sounds ridiculously great. Far superior to a Super Reverb or a Deluxe Reverb, this amp produces an incredibly dynamic, yet lush and harmonic, tone that absolutely sings. Whether the Volume is set at 3 or 10, the amp sounds great. Superb clean tones, and jaw-dropping subtle overdrive make this particular example quite complementary with pretty much any guitar. The speaker is in perfect all original condition with the original cone. It is highly responsive, and does not exhibit voicecoil distortion or cone fatigue.