1964 Fender Vibrolux

This is a vintage 1964 Fender Vibrolux AA763 electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A01138, is in extremely excellent, near mint, cosmetic condition and includes the original brown footswitch the original Victoria canvas cover!

Serial Number: A01138
Tube Chart Date Stamp: NC (March 1964)
Transformer Codes: 606302, 606340, -606-4-02
Speaker Date Code: 465-350 (Oxford)

This ’64 Fender Vibrolux Reverb utilizes: (1) 5AR4, (2) 6L6, (2) 7025, (1) 12AT7, (1) 12AX7 tubes through the original 1 x 10″ Oxford 12L6N speaker.

The black vinyl tolex exterior is in very excellent condition with only a few minor scuffs. The silver/black stripe grill cloth retains perfect structural integrity along with very little fading. The control panel is in exceedingly fine shape, as is the corresponding metal hardware. The chassis is remarkably crisp with no evidence oxidation, and the transformers look like new.