1964 Fender Showman -Amp

Here is a vintage 1964 Fender Showman -Amp “AB763” electric bass and guitar amplifier. This particular “Fender Electric Instrument Co.” example, serial number A01745, is in pristine, near mint, all original condition and includes the original Victoria vinyl covers, the original owner’s receipt, the 7″ record on which the amp was featured, photographs, and the original owner’s Fender Volume pedal. This high output piggyback example was commonly used for both bass and guitar, and would make a great complement to most any Fender setup. This matching pre-CBS amplifier head and 1×15″ speaker cabinet set still retains all original tubes (both power and preamp) and the original gray frame JBL D130F. For an amp with such significant weight and size, it is rare to find one in nearly perfectly preserved condition. This is simply the best example we’ve seen, so if you’re a connoisseur of condition, look no further, this is as clean as it gets!

Serial Number: A01745
Speaker Cabinet Serial Number: L02367
Tube Chart Stamp: NJ (October 1964)
Transformer Codes: 606343, -606-4-34, 606436
Speaker Serial Number: 4150 (JBL D130F)

This ’64 Fender Showman -Amp utilizes: (4) 6L6, (2) 7025, (1) 12AX7 and (1) 12AT7 original RCA tubes through an original 1 x 15″ JBL D130F speaker fastened to the 18″ tone ring within the cabinet.

Aside from the inevitably changed electrolytic capacitors, and the upgraded 3-prong cable, this amp is 100% original down to the tubes! The cosmetic condition of this piggy back amp is mint: the original grill cloth is intact and perfect, as is the original black vinyl tolex. The black face control panel does not exhibit any wear and is highly crisp. The hardware displays a mirror-like sheen, and the general appearance of the amp is more like that of the reissue Fender never made than a vintage original!

Famous for being very loud and clean, the bass response is extraordinarily bold. The closed back cabinet really projects a beautifully and directly. Tone ring cabinets have also garnered attention for being both rare and performing with precision. Tight and articulate, this amp is really is perfect for both loud and clean. Epitomizing Fender tone, the Showman -Amp was their absolute best at the time, and it remains one of the best to this day.