1964 Fender Rhodes Piano Bass

This is a vintage 1964 Fender Rhodes Piano bass electronic keyboard. This particular pre-CBS example is in very excellent 100% all original condition, and features the incredibly attractive combination of both rough Blonde tolex and a Fiesta Red (orange) fiberglass top. This variant was actually simultaneously displayed with a Brown tolex/Cream top version in the 1963 Fender catalog, which suggests the two different aesthetically appointed versions coexisted for a brief period. This explains why there is a transitional type which features the earlier brown tolex, as well as, the later Fiesta Red top. Shortly thereafter, sometime during 1965, the Rhodes Piano Bass evolved into the more common Black tolex/Silver Sparkle top variety most famously used by Ray Manzerik of the Doors. Of the numerous variations, the Blonde tolex with Fiesta Red top is definitely the crowd favorite with regard to overall appearance, and may very well be the rarest variant, being in production for approximately a little over a year.

This example is extremely well-preserved, and aside from the inevitable knot-sap stains through the Blonde tolex, it displays in an exceptionally fine manner. The original “Dog Bone” hard plastic handle is perfectly intact, and the original skirted Daka-Ware white pointer knobs are as well. They keys are pristine, and the Brazilian Rosewood trim is in beautiful shape.

This keyboard works perfectly, and is surprsingly in tune. It is not beleived to have been serviced nor repaired at any point since purchased new, so this is a genuinely intact all original unmolested example.