1964 Fender Reverb Unit

Here is a vintage 1964 Fender Reverb Unit 6G15 tube spring reverb effect. This particular example, serial number R06544, is in all original condition, and features a very rare transitional combination of; smooth blonde tolex, wheat-colored grill cloth, a black face plate/control panel, and white barrel knobs! This tube spring reverb-equipped (Hammond) tank is perfect for both the players lacking a good reverb (if any) on their amp, and the Fender amp collectors desiring a great, rare example of a pre-CBS Reverb Unit. Produced in limited quantities of a short period of time, this variety Reverb Unit is perhaps the most rare, as well as, the most desirable. A perfect complement to a ’64 Bassman 6G6-A with the identical aesthetic, this is pre-CBS color coordination at its absolute finest.

Serial Number: R06544
Transformer Codes: 606420, -606-4-31, -606-4-06
Tube Chart Date: NH (AUGUST 1964)