1964 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1964 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp (AA764) electric guitar amplifier. This particular pre-CBS “FEIC” example, serial A01318, is in very excellent 100% original condition and includes the original footswitch! This incredibly pristine example features all first-year characteristics, and is a very rare pre-CBS example. This incredible amp is becoming increasingly more difficult to find in such well-preserved time-capsuleesque cosmetic condition.

Serial Number: A01318
Transformer Codes: -606-4-45, -606-4-45, -606-4-51
Tube Chart: NL (December 1964)
Speaker Code: n/a (Oxford)

The Fender Princeton Reverb utilizes:
(1) Mullard GZ34
(2) RCA 6V6s
(2) RCA 12AX7
(1) RCA 7025
and (1) GE 12AT7 tubes through the original 1 x 10″ Oxford 10J4-3 speaker.

As stated, this amp is in very excellent condition and remains 100% all original. The speaker, transformers, electrolytics, power cable, and even the tubes are all original. Enthusiasts, collectors, and players alike will find this example quite attractive. It is a great sounding amp, and will always remain a choice investment.
The amp sounds great. It is loud, efficient, clean, warm, etc: everything you would expect from a great Princeton Reverb. It breaks up organically when the volume it pushed past “6,” but otherwise produces a very sweet an musical warmth. The rich Reverb is silky smooth with incredible depth. The original speaker is nice and tight, and does not exhibit even the slightest symptoms of fatigue.