1964 Fender Jazz Bass

This is a vintage 1964 Fender Jazz Bass electric bass guitar. Recently purchased from the original owner, it would be difficult to imagine a better example. While we would not necessarily describe this as being in MINT condition, it is literally the next best thing. This 100% all original pre-CBS example, serial number L69320, is in absolutely remarkable condition.

For some reason, it is most difficult to describe those items which require less of a description, that is, we always feel like we’re leaving something out. This conundrum haunted us while trying to elaborately detail this magnificent P Bass, so trust us when we claim that this short and concise description was the result of hours of contemplation and resultant editing.

This late-’64 Fender Jazz Bass is 100% all original. It includes the original “no-logo” Fender case, original case key, original flatwound strings, era-appropriate black nylon tape wound strings by Fender, and the original chrome pickup and bridge covers. This bass is near pristine with no modifications, no cracks, no breaks, no repairs, no replaced parts, no nothing.

Neck Date: DEC 64
Pot Codes: 3046512

This pre-CBS ’64 Jazz Bass features: the original 3-tone nitrocellulose sunburst finish, original maple neck with rosewood cap-board fingerboard, peraloid dot inlays, original frets, transitional Fender decal, reverse-wind tuning machines, original tortoise pattern pirckguard, original gray bobbin pickups, original Stackpole pots, original finger rest, all original hardware, original case, original chrome covers, and (2) sets of original strings.

The original finish, both on the neck and body, has neither faded nor weather-checked. It is crisp, shiny, sheen, glossy, intact, beautiful, and generally perfect. The ONLY visible wear is a very small patch of superficial belt buckle wear near the back plate. We photographed it many times, and life-size images of it are included below. This wear is very minimal, and is not through the clear finish. Otherwise, there might be a total of 3 very small dings that are impossible to photograph because they are so insignificant, they don’t register as viewable through a camera lens. There is evidence of very light pick wear on the pickguard. Also, the frets are lightly oxidized due to non-use for the past 40+ years. There is absolutely zero fret wear, and while we guarantee that the oxidation can be removed from the frets, we didn’t want to modify the originality of the guitar, even if it was a simple application of polish.

We feel that we have gone into greater detail than anybody else would attempt, and that it actually seems over-critical considering the exceptional condition of this fine instrument. For instance; the original tuning machines shine like little mirrors. There is very very minimal oxidation on the actual clover-shaped tuner peg. All of the screws are intact, crisp, and unturned until we did it for the photos in this auction.

With regard to function, this bass is perfect. The neck is perfectly straight, although it could use a shim for enhanced neck angle and lower action, but we figured it would be best for the next owner to decide what to do. Both pickups work perfectly, all pots work great, and all corresponding hardware is in near perfect condition. The bass is rather light and weighs 8 lbs. and 15 oz.

The case is incredibly clean, in fact, it might be cleaner than the bass. The original latches appear to have been pried open, which now requires the button to be in the open position to shut, which is sometimes common with regular latches.