1964 Fender Jaguar

This is a vintage 1964 Fender Jaguar electric guitar. This particular pre-CBS example, serial number L53939, is in very excellent 100% all original condition, and includes the original case, original hangtag with warranty card, original strap, original tremolo arm, and original bridge cover. This custom color Jag features; a Candy Apple Red finish with a matching headstock, a “green” pickgaurd, and pre-CBS parts.

This guitar is in very excellent all original condition. If it weren’t for the small isolated playing wear on the back of the body (that happens to go through the C.A.R. topcoat only to reveal the silver undercoat) then the guitar would be considered near mint. The original finish is beautiful and intact with absolutely no evidence of fading. The original green guard is in pristine structural shape with no cracks or warping. All of the original hardware is in very excellent condition with no oxidation.

The guitar plays surprisingly well, and performs just as good as any guitar that we have already professionally setup. Although the original frets are oxidized from 30+ years of storage within the case, the action is remarkably comfortable, and string-bending is an ease. The guitar sounds great, and all of the switches work perfectly. The guitar is medium weight, and weighs just 8 lbs. and 1 oz.

The Jaguar was Fender’s top-of -the-line guitar. It features a very advanced electronic arrangement which was intended to make it the most dynamic guitar offered. A custom color Jaguar was the most expensive Fender instrument during this time, and while it might not have been the best investment at the time, it has become the best vintage guitar bargain around. Buy this vintage pre-CBS custom color Jag for 1/3 of the price of a non-custom colored Strat.

Serial Number: L53939
Neck Date: NOV 64
Pot Codes: 3046450

When partially disassembled for the photos in this auction, it was very evident that the guitar had never been taken apart. The screws were very tight. This un-circulated virgin Jaguar represents a really great investment for both players and collectors alike.