1964 Ampeg B-15NC

This is a vintage 1964 Ampeg B-15NC (B15) Portaflex electric bass guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 407117, is in near mint condition and includes the original cover! Sure this immaculate original may look like a new Ampeg Heritage Series B-15N reissue (which was primarily influenced by the original B-15NC, pales in comparison and costs over $4,000.00 not including tax or shipping), but don’t be fooled, this near pristine example is an absolutely incredible original ’64 in stammeringly well-preserved condition!

Serial Number: 407117
Speaker Date Code: 137 426 (CTS)

The blue diamond tolex exterior is in perfect condition. The silver/black grill cloth retains perfect structural integrity along with no visible fading. Quite simply, this amp is near perfect. It works perfectly, and sounds amazing. There is not a single issue with this amp, and it is worthy of the finest amp collection. As stated above, included is the original Ampeg cover as well as the original Ampeg Portaflex tag.

All 6 tubes are original, and the amp even retains the original cabinet tag!

Sale Price: Sold