1964 Airline Pocket Bass

This is a vintage 1964 Airline Pocket Bass electric bass guitar. This particular example, serial number 1-51854, is in very excellent all original condition! Originally sold as a cute 3/4 short scale introductory/student model bass guitar, it has since been embraced by traditional guitarists as the perfect bass for a guitar player. With A 25.25″ scale length, it lends itself very intuitively to those who are more comfortable navigating the neck of a guitar.

By happenstance, it also sounds great, and features (2) very dynamic and very different pickups. This Airline version, as Supro also made a nearly identical Pocket Bass, has a very attractive Sunburst finish, the (2) symmetrical Rocket-inspired scratchplates, both a fingerrest and thumbrest, the Piezo-style transducer bridge pickup built into the bridge, and the heavy-duty Kluson clover bass tuning machines.

The bass was recently re-strung with flatwound strings, and it sounds absolutely incredible. It is effortless to play, and really is the most accessible bass guitar for those of us whom focus on guitar. The Pocket Bass is quite an apt title, considering it is smaller than most guitars, and weighs less than your average Tele!