1963 Watkins Westminster

Here’s a vintage 1963 Watkins Westminster 10 watt tube amp. While originally considered a student/practice amp, this well-engineered compact combo packs quite the punch. Famously used by The Beatles, in their early days at the Star Club, the Watkins Westminster was the introductory amp used by aspiring English rockers the country over. This particular example, serial number 801955, is in very good all original cosmetic condition and includes the original footswitch. This amp is absolutely far superior to any other 10-watt combo amp ever made, and is undeniably the best.

The Westminster was the first Watkins amp to be produced in any substantial quantity, beginning in 1955, following earlier limited runs of experimental models. The earliest versions were apparently in plain grey coverings, similar to the Clubman amp. This Westminster is the 10-watt version equipped with tremolo effect and its corresponding footswitch. There was a period from around 1959 to 1962, however, when two varieties existed : the usual 10watt single-channel 2-input version, and a 14 watt 2-channel 4-input version with a control panel and chassis very similar to the Dominator. (A version in a V-front cabinet also existed briefly.)

This amp may be small (the cabinet measures 16 7/8″ x 8 1/8″ x 13 3/4″), but it sounds HUGE. The best part about these tiny 10 watt vintage amps is the beautiful overdriven sound you can get without exploding your ear drums, and without overly fatiguing the small 10″ Goodmans Axiom 10 speaker. The “Turquoise and Cream” covering (white and blue tu-tone with dark dots) is in very fine original condition. The gold metal grill on the front is super crisp, intact, and beautiful.

This amp is in 100% all original condition, down to every last tube. This version uses; (2) original Mullard/Pinnacle ECL82s, (1) original Mullard EZ80, and (1) original Mullard ECC83. This amp is currently wired at the transformer at 220v, so a step down transformer 110v domestic use will be necessary.