1963 Vox AC10

Here is a vintage 1963 Vox AC10 “Ten Twin” electric guitar amplifier. This particular Jennings Musical Industries Ltd. example, serial number 03155, is in very excellent all original condition! Perhaps the best small UK-made amp of all time, the 12-watt output rating belies the incredibly lush overdrive and undeniably large tone profile. Showcasing both the signature Vox chime and a unique mid-rage compression, the AC10 is a very special Vox amp. The perfect size and output for recording purposes, the AC10 is also a highly practical live amp for low stage-volume environments. Considering it’s considerably crisp condition, this amp is perfect for both collectors and players alike.

This ’63 Vox AC10 features: a rough black “basket weave vynide” tolex (circa late-’63), a grey control panel, brown diamond grille cloth, silver frame Celestion speakers, a V-O-X plastic logo, plastic cabinet vents, and a hardwired VOX “Egg” footswitch.

Aside from the usual and necessary superficial electronic service, this amp is in beautifully intact original condition. All of the Parmeko transformers are original and date to mid-’63, all pots, most capacitors, both speakers, Vibrato/Tremolo footswitch, and even the tubes are original and perfectly functional. This is an incredibly well-preserved Vox amp, and looks more like the reissue that never was than an authentic original.

Compared to others, this is one of the best sounding AC-10s I’ve owned. On average, they are consistent and quite good, but this particular example is slightly stronger with more accessible tone. In some rare instances, the AC10 can have a nasal artifact, but this one escapes that completely. The AC10 is unique in that it offers Vox tone through a pair of 10″ speakers. In general, 10″ speakers seem to offer a more pleasant personality, something which can certainly be heard when comparing an AC10 to an AC15. (Both of which are incredible in their own way of course.)