1963 Vox AC-50 Mk I

This is a vintage 1963 Vox AC-50 Mk I vintage guitar amplifier head. This particular small box example, serial #1005, is literally this 5th unit off the production line, with serial numbers starting at #1001. Considering an extremely limited (estimated) total production between 70-100 amplifiers prior to being re-introduced as the Mk II, this 2-input version is impossibly rare. Perhaps most importantly, this version was famously used by The Beatles during the mid-’60s, and can be seen on stage in numerous occasions!

This ’63 Vox AC-50 is entirely original. It has a a complete set of original Mullard tubes, including; a 5AR4 rectifier tube, a duet of EL34s, and (3) ECC83s. It has been lightly serviced but otherwise remains original and intact. The power cable socket was replaced with an IEC receptacle as well.