1963 Standel Custom 83L15V

Here’s a vintage 1963 Standel Custom 83L15V electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 2957-1, is in nice overall condition. While the control panel denotes this Standel amp as being “transistorized,” it is actual a hybrid of both a tube power section and a solid state preamp. The result of which is actually an incredibly musical and perfectly projected clean tone, highly complemented by the original gray frame JBL D140F. All-tube Standel amps are exceedingly rare, and this next generation version is perhaps the only option for most collectors.

Aside from the aforementioned 15″ speaker configuration, this amp also features a dual 6L6 power tube arrangement with a single 12AX7 Vibrato tube driver. The amp utilizes an early tagboard, point-to-point, style circuit with many early components. It was lightly serviced within the last 10 years, and the amp works perfectly, and sounds incredible. A single small concentric knob was replaced, but the original style version can easily be purchased. Also, even thought it occupies the same bracket holes, the handle appears to heave been replaced with one from a vintage Fender. The (3) additional outputs may be original.

Once again, this amp sounds particularly great. The speaker does not display voicecoil distortion nor fatigue, and the amplifier section is robust and bold. With a very smooth and precise clean tone, this amp will not overdrive for anybody. Perfect for pedal steel and country clean, the intention behind Standel’s design is clear as it’s sound. Both channels work great, and even though they differ slightly, it’s difficult to decide which of them one would prefer. The Vibrato is sweet and sculpted, and sounds like the perfect marriage between that of a Magnatone and a Fender.