1963 Silvertone Espanada 1427

Here is a vintage 1963 Silvertone Espanada 1427 vintage electric guitar. This classic vintage Silvertone is in very excellent, near mint, 100% all original condition, and features: a double-bound laminated archtop body, a spruce top, maple back and sides, thick w/b/w binding, an entirely black finish, a bound maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and block inlays, P-13 pickups (P-90s wound by Gibson with a different nickel cover), open-back Waverly tuning machines, white plastic parts, “cup cake” knobs and an original gray softshell case. The “S-63” date stamp, indicates a Spring of 1963 production. Identical to the Harmony-manufactured Espanada-branded H-63, the Silvertone version generally has a trapeze tailpiece, instead of the Harmony H63’s German-made harp tailpiece: otherwise, they differ in name alone.

As stated, this particular example is in extremely excellent condition, and is 100% ALL original with no issues. There are no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs. There is virtually no playing wear on the guitar: no belt buckle rash, no arm nor neck wear. The body exhibits fine and attractive weather checking on the body, and almost no weather checking on the neck. The frets display no playing wear and are entirely intact! The neck is straight, and the action is very low.

Incredibly, the original white plastic pickguard is perfectly intact. Often, this piece is cracked, chipped or broken, but this guitar is extremely nice, with no cosmetic issues, not even the sllightest pickguard crack.

The guitar is very light and weighs a mere 6 pounds. It plays extremely well, and the medium-sized soft C-shape profile is very comfortable. The pickups sound awesome, and are very efficient, loud and robust. The guitar is extremely versatile, and can produce great tones for music from jazz to rockabilly to rock. This guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks.It includes the original two-tone gray soft case with rich red interior.