1963 Lectrolab R700C

Here is a vintage 1963 Lectrolab R700C electric guitar amplifier. This particular example is in very nice all original condition. This 18w hand-wired amp was made by a company which remains the best kept secret of the vintage guitar amp manufacturers. With thoughtful design implementation, and fantastic quality components, I have never owned a ’60s Lectrolab that wasn’t great. Do not confuse the later Lectrolab amps for their predecessors, just as you wouldn’t do with Supro, because the early-50’s Lectrolab amps are veritable dinosaurs, while the early-60’s models rival Supro, Fender, and VOX with absolutely super tone. The R700C combines a musical 15″ speaker with great bass response with the ever-desirable EL84 duet. Like the AC-15 that never was, this serious combo offer clean headroom with slightly saturated gain. Easily the best unknown 18w amp, after hearing this, you will be on the hunt for another, but good luck, I’ve only owned several Lectrolabs from this period, and I’ve never owned duplicates.

The original tolex is in overall nice shape, only exhibiting typical wear, mostly on the edges. The original grill cloth is in correspondingly nice shape, and is structurally intact. The control panel exhibits several dings and only slight oxidation. The original 1 x 15″ CTS speaker, date code 137 346, sounds incredible and does not exhibit fatigue or voice coil distortion. The amp is in perfect working condition and sounds quite great.