1963 Guild X-50

For sale is this vintage 1963 Guild X-50 hollowbody electric guitar. Made in Hoboken, New Jersey, this particular example is in very nice 100% all original condition with absolutely no originality nor structural issues, and features: a beautiful 3-tone sunburst nitrocellulose finish, a full (2 7/8″) 16″-wide body with an arched laminated top and back, a mahogany neck, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, the original “Frequency-Tested” DeArmond single-coil pickup with adjustable pole pieces, a non-hinged Guild harp tailpiece, the original chevron Guild-logo pickguard, original metal button Kluson tuning machines, original chrome insert Guild knobs, original rosewood bridge, and all original hardware. An undeniably fantastic introductory vintage guitar for both the beginning collector and player alike, or a perfect purchase for the enthusiast looking for an alternative to the typical electric, this guitar is high quality and an incredible bargain.

Most similar to a concurrently produced Gibson ES-125, the single pickup non-cutaway hollowbody electric variety, this X-50 Cordoba is a fantastic budget vintage guitar that is both simple and versatile. The DeArmond pickup sounds great, and while not as loud as a typical Gibson P-90, is quite sweet sounding and warmer than your typical single-coil. Although the placement near the neck generally produces a dark tone, the dynamic tone knob enables both clear and present and rich dark tones to be easily accessed through the turn of a knob. Furthermore, the cleaner output single-coil pickup, nicely complements the body depth, and produced much less feedback than its Gibson P-90 counterpart.

All of the electronics work perfectly without intermittence, scratchiness, or noise. The neck is perfectly straight, and the action is nice and low. The frets have lots of life left, with only the beginnings of fret wear on the first 2 frets. The neck profile is super comfortable, and the neck is just as pleasant at the twelfth fret as it is when playing open chords.

The X-50 is great for acoustic playing, and projects nicely when not plugged in. The nice acoustic qualities are accurately amplified through the pickup, and this guitar is resultantly great for jazz, blues, and rock. Both aggressive chord strumming and soft single notes translate quite organically with the Guild X-50.

The overall cosmetic condition is very nice, displaying expected, though minimal, playing wear. Unlike the Slim thinline Cordoba T-50, the X-50 has a bound back, which highly reduces the inordinate edge wear found on other Guild non-bound-back models. Aside from a small collection of randomized dings and superficial (hard to see) scratches, this guitar is worthy of collectors with the most strict condition policies. This guitar displays the infamous headstock veneer lift, which is easily resolved with glue if desired. This X-50 is as light as a feather, and it only weighs 6 lbs. 1 oz. It does not come with a case, however, it will be packaged accordingly.X50, ES125, ES 125, Cordoba

Sale Price: $1,299