1963 Gibson GA 19 RVT Falcon

This is a vintage 1963 Gibson GA 19 RVT Falcon “Crestline” electric guitar amp. This particular example, serial number 488158, is in very excellent 100% all original condition, includes the original (hardwired) footswitch and includes an entire original set of tubes. This all original amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make this classic combo amp yours! Completely and utterly underrated, the “Crestline” series GA 19 is one of the best small combo amps from the 60’s, and those who appreciate amps by Epiphone, Supro, Silvertone, etc. will certainly enjoy this amp. This brown smooth-tolexed version is often, and justifiably, compared to a Fender Princeton Reverb, so considering these sell for $600 on average, they are incredible bargains.

Serial Number: 488158
Transformer Codes: 5246318, 549-6302, 166319
Cabinet Inspection Stamp: APR 10 1963
Speaker Code: 220317 (Jensen)

The Falcon Amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (2) 6V6, (3) 6EU7, and (1) 7199 original tubes (Dumont, RCA, Raytheon) through an original 1 x 12″ Jensen C12R speaker. The original smooth chocolate brown tolex is in perfect condition with no snags or tears. The original brown grill cloth is extremely intact with no snags, rips, or tears as well. All of the hardware is original and in very excellent shape. The original chrome panel is excellent with minimal signs of use. The only flaw of this amp happens to be the missing back panel, otherwise, this amp is completely intact.

This well-preserved example has all the original transformers, the original tubes, capacitors and power cable. The original 12″ Jensen speaker is in excellent shape and sounds amazing. The cone is original, and it does not exhibit speaker fatigue nor voicecoil distortion.

This amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic. Super musical clean and rounded tone that nicely competes with Fender from the mid-60s, with respect to tone.