1963 Fender Vibroverb -Amp

Here is a vintage 1963 Fender Vibroverb -Amp “6G16” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 00224, is in near mint all original condition and includes the original Victoria brown canvas cover and brown Vib/Rev footswitch! Most famous for being the first Fender amp model to feature both onboard Reverb and Vibrato effects, both of which would later become standard on nearly all Fender combo amplifiers, the extremely low production brown Vibroverb has since become the amp of legend and lore. Documentation suggests that merely 500 brown Vibroverbs were produced, and of those that have survived, this must be one of the nicest in existence. This perfectly pristine specimen is 100% all original, and is worthy of the most awe-inspiring collections, serious museums, or the most discerning enthusiasts imaginable. Finding another in this condition does not seem to be an available option, so if you’re a connoisseur of condition, or simply prefer the best of the best, look no further… this is the one.

Serial Number: 00224
Tube Chart Stamp: ME (May 1963)
Speaker Codes: 465-310 (Oxford)
Transformer Codes: 606-249, -606-2-50, 606302, -606-3-15

This first generation Brownface/BrownTolex Vibroverb utilizes: (1) GZ34, (2) 6L6, (4) 7025, and (2) 12AX7 tubes through the original 2 x 10″ Oxford speakers.

While the 60+ very high resolution pics do a great job of illustrating the amp’s illustrious near mint cosmetic condition, they can not express how incredible the amp sounds. Very few collectors, and unfortunately fewer players, have heard a vintage all original brown Vibroverb, which happens to be one of the best sounding Fender amps of all time. While it is generally accepted that reissues never do the originals justice, with regard to the repro Viboverb versus the authentic original, there has never been a more dramatic discrepancy, and there is literally no basis for comparison. It’s not that the reissue is a poorly designed amp, rather, the original ’63 Vibroverb is such an exceptional, incredible, and amazing amp.

It works perfectly, and sounds great. The original speakers still feature the original cones, which are both in excellent condition and do not exhibit voicecoil distortion nor speaker fatigue. Though the amp’s original tubes had been misplaced, those that are currently installed are in good functional shape, and sound good. Sweet, warm, and robust with extremely musical qualities, this 40 watt amp is one of the best to be designed in Leo’s lab.