1963 Fender Vibrasonic -Amp

This is a vintage 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1963 Fender Vibrasonic Amp (6G13-A). This particular example, serial number 01825, is in excellent all original cosmetic condition. In 1960, the Vibrasonic emerged as the flagship model of the Fender Professional amp line, and was the first amp to feature the new superior quality JBL speaker. Recently, this amp has also become associated with the elusive and folkloric brown tolex Twin Amp. The Vibrasonic holds an interesting place in Fender amp history and is a particularly great collectible amp.

Serial Number: 01825
Transformer Codes: 606327, 606-236, 606323
Speaker Serial Number: 56319
Production/Assembly Codes: SA 3363, AB 3563
Capacitor Date Codes: 6334

With respect to general design, the Vibrasonic is nearly identical to the concurrently produced Fender Pro. This second variety brown tolex 6G13-A Vibrasonic features; rough brown tolex, light-colored “wheat” grill cloth, (1) original 15″ JBL D130 speaker, flat logo, a dark brown control panel with brown knobs, a soft vinyl handle attached with metal brackets, (2) 5881 power tubes, (2) 12AX7 and (4) 7025 tubes.

This Vibrasonic is in 100% ALL ORIGINAL cosmetic condition, while internally all of the important components are also preserved and intact.

The original brown tolex is very intact with several minimal signs of wear and use. Humidity has affected one of the sides, resulting in light bubbling in the tolex. The original wheat grill cloth is very nice and attractive although does exhibit two very small tears and fraying around the edge of the baffle frame. All of the hardware is original and in very nice shape. The original brown control panel is good condition, although it displays some dents and bending around the perimeter: this is most noticeable by the red jewel of the pilot light. it is not creased and can probably be flattened considerably. The tubes are not original, but have been replaced with matching Groove tube equivalents.

This example has all the original transformers, with 1963 and ’62 date codes. All electronic components on this amp are original, including the electrolytic caps.

The original 15″ JBL D130 speaker is in excellent shape and sounds amazing. It has been re-coned by Orange County Speaker.

This amp works perfectly and sounds surprisingly great. It is highly efficient, quite loud, produces smooth clean tones and is conducive to adventurous clean playing. It’s a really well-rounded amp, applicable for many various recording applications and general live/practice use.