1963 Fender Telecaster Custom

This is a vintage 1963 Fender Telecaster Custom electric guitar. This custom color example features an incredibly rare original BLACK finish. This particular guitar, serial number 82742, is in very excellent 100% ALL ORIGINAL condition, and includes the original Fender white tolex case, original leather strap, original ashtray cover and original instrument cable. I have been a guitar enthusiast for many years, furthermore, I have been a Tele fanatic for the entirety of my obsession since childhood… and this is the absolute coolest and rarest Telecaster I have EVER seen. Those who share in my fetish will agree, this is as good as a Tele gets.

Serial Number: 82742

Neck Stamp: 3 NOV 63 B

Pot Codes: 304-6237 (Stackpole)

As mentioned, this guitar is in 100% all original cosmetic condition. The original custom black nitrocellulose finish is in very excellent vintage condition, showing little signs of wear consisting mostly of dings around the binding. The original binding has faded very attractively and is still completely intact. The neck is also in very excellent condition and exhibits light playing wear on the back and typical wear on the frets. The original green pickguard is crack-free and the original hardware is very clean and void of typical oxidation. All of the parts are original.

As can be seen in the photos, the neck pickup route has been slightly enlarged and minimally scraped to fit a DeArmond acoustic pickup. Why? We’ll never know. Yes, it compromises the integrity of this amazingly rare guitar, but at least it is, A) Not visible from an angle when inspecting the guitar, and B) is the least invasive rout enlargement possible. The previous/original owner utilized an earlier single-ply white pickguard which did not require additional holes. The original pickup and pickguard were loose in the case. Thank God. While the original neck pickup is currently in the guitar, I did not solder it back, and thought the next owner might potentially want to restore the guitar themselves or use the luthier of their choice. It was tested, and measures 5.6 ohms. As for the bridge pickup, it works perfectly and sounds great.

The guitar is very light and weighs 6 lbs 13 oz. The neck feels simply amazing. The action is low thanks to the perfectly straight neck and the exorbitant remaining fret life.

The original case is in extremely clean condition, as is the strap, cable and bridge cover.