1962 Fender Reverb Unit

This is a vintage 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1962 Fender Reverb Unit! This particular example, serial number R01727, is in extremely excellent all original condition and is one of the nicest and most intact specimens to be made available on eBay in quite some time. With the cosmetic appearance of a reissue, this Reverb Unit is perfect for both players and collectors alike. Arguably one of the best effects of all time, the Fender Reverb Unit is always a great investment, as well as a must have for true vintage amp players, collectors and enthusiasts whom favor amps without reverb but would enjoy the quintessential tube spring reverb tone of a vintage Fender combo amp.

Serial Number: R01727
Transformer Codes: 68319-A, 606210, –606142
Tube Chart Date: LA (January 1962)

This pristine Reverb Unit is 100% ALL ORIGINAL: all capacitors, all tubes, the power cable, all hardware, etc. Nothing has been replaced.

The brown vinyl tolex exterior is in extremely excellent condition. Most would describe the exterior as near mint, and there are no cosmetic flaws that would suggest it isn’t. The wheat grill cloth is not faded, and still looks very crisp and attractive. There are no snags, rips, or tears in the grill or tolex, and the appearance and structural integrity is perfect.

The control panel is also super crisp and clean with a few inevitable small blemishes. All of the hardware is original and in very fine condition, the chassis is quite clean, with no evidence of damage, let alone signs of oxidation, or indications of leaky/exploded capacitors. The most significat flaws with respect to condition are; the original leather handle is very nice, but exhibits wear and some usual stitching separation, as well as, the original tube chart has flaked off from the side wall of the cabinet. The missing piece was on the bottom on the Unit, and is included as pictured.

The Fender Reverb Unit was introduced in 1961 and was offered in blonde tolex, where in 1962-63 it was only offered in brown.

The Fender Reverb utilizes; (1) 6K6 (1) 12AT7 and (1) 12AX7 tubes. This particular example is in 100% original condition. It retains the original transformers, electrolytics and all board caps, as well as the tubes.