1963 Fender Jazzmaster

Here is a vintage 1963 Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar. This particular pre-CBS example, serial number L14509, is in near mint (9.6/10) 100% all original condition, and includes the original brown hard shell case, the original chrome bridge cover, the original tremolo arm (whammy bar), the original leather strap, the original instruction/owner’s manual and even the original bridge adjustment Allen key tool! This no issues, original (one) owner, Jazzmaster is a highly attractive example, perfect for players and collectors alike. In near perfect, almost pristine, cosmetic condition, it would be difficult to imagine a more spectacular specimen.

Serial Number: L19965
Neck Date: 4 DEC 63 B
Weight: 7 lbs. 10 oz.

This beautiful pre-CBS ’63 Jazzmaster features: a perfectly preserved nitrocellulose 3-tone sunburst finish over a light-weight alder body, a thick Brazilian rosewood cap fingerboard with clay dot inlays on a maple neck, a spaghetti logo decal, an attractive tortoise pattern celluloid pickguard, original single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, robust black bobbin large P-90-style single-coil pickups, the floating tremolo system with the original tremolo arm, the original bridge cover over the original Mustang-style bridge, original Strat-style Volume and Tone control knobs, all original hardware, the original brown vinyl case and original extra accessories.

Not only is this Jazzmaster very light weight, but it also has one of the best neck profiles of any Fender guitar ever made. In fact, many Fender fanatics favor the ’63 Brazilian cap fingerboard to even the more famous slab board varieties. The shape is much more comfortable than most slab-board instruments, and happens to be less bulky and more refined than those crafted by CBS post-’65.

This pristine Jazzmaster hasn’t faded in the slightest, and has yet to exhibit a singular symptom of weather-checking. The finish is next to perfect and absolutely spectacular. It has never been played, and the few extraneous dings around the edge of the body appear to be from case wear. Incredibly, the front and back of the body are perfect, and the only cosmetic defects are a couple of paint nicks on the side. Furthermore, the neck is absolutely perfect, with zero wear whatsoever: it is utterly mint, with no evidence of fading, dirt, wear, etc. The plastic parts also happen to look extremely white and perfectly preserved, a result of not being exposed to smoke nor sunlight. If it weren’t for a couple dings, this guitar would be virtually new. Incredibly crisp and sheen, this guitar is for true connoisseurs of condition.

This no-stories guitar was disassembled with the utmost caution and I was attentive enough to put all of the original screws in their correspondingly original holes. Considering the fine condition of this guitar, I was afraid to remove the pickguard, which is notorious for shrinking after removal, making it difficult (if not impossible) to re-install without modifying the celluloid pickguard slightly via sanding to re-accommodate the pickups. Given both the impeccable provenance and condition, it is clearly 100% original, and I didn’t find it necessary to sacrifice shrinkage to document the obvious. Rarely do I find it unnecessary to fully disassemble a guitar to document it’s complete originality, but this is the exception to that rule given it’s near perfect condition and the possibility of a difficult re-assembly.