1963 Fender Jaguar

This is a vintage 1963 Fender Jaguar electric guitar. This particular example, serial #L20689 is date-stamped 1 OCT 1963, and features an Alder body construction, a maple bolt-on neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, original Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, all original electronics including Fender single-coil pickups, pots and switches, chrome bridge with foam Fender mute, and the original chrome Fender vibrato tail-piece with arm.

This particular example is in good working condition, and poor cosmetic condition showing many signs of wear and use. The body was refinished, seemingly somewhat haphazardly, as there are a few flecks of black paint underneath the nitrocellulose top layer, the exposed metal parts (selector/control plates, bridge, tailpiece) all show fairly substantial rust and oxidation, as well there are dings and dents all over the edges of the body consistent with the instrument having been stored outside of a case for many years. There are also filled holes in the headstock consistent with a crude installation of a locking nut system. That all being said, it’s still a ’63 Jaguar, still in classic burst, and it still has tons of vintage mojo.

While it’s certainly not a museum piece, the weathered appearance gives it a great reliced look that some people pay handsomely for. All of the electronics work perfectly without scratching, popping or noise, and the pickups sound fantastic. Considering the outside condition of this example, it’s pretty remarkable that A) All of the electronics are orignal and B) That they all work perfectly!

This guitar plays very comfortably thanks to the straightness and shape of the medium C-shape neck, though it should be noted that there is pretty substantial fretwear up to the 7th-8th fret, as well as fingerboard wear most prominent at the first fret getting progressively better up to the 9th fret where it’s back to normal. While this may be uncomfortable for some players, we didn’t find it to be overly distracting, and believe that this guitar still has some regular use left in it before it will need a re-fret.