1963 Altec 1567A

This is a vintage 1963 Altec 1567A rack mount mixing amplifier. This particular example, serial number 1416, is in extremely excellent, near mint, 100% all original condition. It even still retains the entire original set of matching tubes and original transformers! Perhaps one of the best-sounding mixers ever made, the 1567A has always been popular, but has only recently become a must-have modern studio piece. Originally commonly used in higher-end venues and for serious purposes, even the most respected examples have been heavily used, serviced, modified, etc., which means finding such a pristine unit is an extremely difficult proposition.

Serial Number: 1416
Transformer Code: 6340 (Peerless)
Production Stamps: 12863, 600670, 600770

This ’63 Altec 1567A utilizes: (1) 6CG7 original RCA tube, (3) 12AX7 original RCA tubes, and (4) original Peerless Microphone Transformers. It features: four low level inputs and one high level input each with individual volume controls, a master gain control, as well as, separate bass and treble controls.

This unit is in perfect functional shape, the Altec VU meter works, and all of the channels sound great.