1963-1964 Fender Blonde Case

For sale is this vintage 1963-1964 Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar White/Blonde case. This no logo white version which is specific to ’63-’64 only, is in good vintage condition. All of the latches, hinges and handle are all in great shape, work perfectly, and show only display slight oxidation. Other than the missing leather end on one side, the exterior is in very good condition, showing only signs of aging, and no overly distracting cosmetic flaws. There are a couple very slight tolex rips, and some discoloration of the white piping on the top and bottom, all of which is to be expected of a 46 year old case, and only add to the already huge vintage appeal of this piece. The orange interior is in remarkably good shape, though does show signs of having stored a guitar for many years. The interior does not smell nor emit an odor.

Blonde/White Fender cases are extremely rare and are necessary and proper for restoring your valuable vintage Fender guitar. Do not miss this chance, as this is the cheapest currently available for sale!

Please note: Jazzmaster not included.

Sale Price: Sold