1962 Watkins Joker

For your consideration is this vintage 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1962 Watkins Joker guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 200315, is in excellent all original condition and includes the original footswitch. The Joker is Watkins’ most rare, and is widely considered the best amp they ever made. According to Charlie Watkins, only 400 of these amazing amps were made somewhere between 1960-63. The Joker came in a two-tone red and grey covering, and featured a red control panel which distinguished it from other Watkins amps. Inside it was complete with tremolo, echo, reverb and sometimes with a microphone stand.

Included in this impressive situation was a Watkins Copicat, which is one of the most sought after tape delay units. The original 1 x 12″ Goodman’s Audiom 61 speaker is intact and does not exhibit speaker fatigue. The extra horn/tweeter has been disconnected, and for good reason.

The Watkins Joker utilizes (1) EZ81, (4) EL84’s, (4) ECC83’s, (1) EM87, and (1) 6BR8 tubes.

This all original example is in perfect working condition, and sounds absolutely incredible. This stunning amp is one of the best sounding British amps ever made, and ranks amongst Blues Breakers, 18-watters and AC-30s.

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