1962 Vox AC30 Super Twin

Here’s a vintage 1962 VOX AC30 Super Twin electric guitar amplifier manufactured in England by Jennings Musical Industries Ltd. This particular original Fawn Super Twin (piggyback) AC30 features factory-installed Top Boost, and includes the original tube stand with Shepherd’s casters, as well as, an original cover for the amplifier head cabinet. Of the seemingly endless models and variations of JMI-made amps to feature on the front of the VOX Amplifiers book by Jim Elyea, this exact model was chosen, and for good reason: this is literally the holy grail of all VOX amps, made during the golden era in the best and rarest configuration, this is their masterpiece. Historically significant, rare, and utterly amazing sounding, this amp is impossible to replace.

This incredible amp is in nearly 100% all original condition and includes: matching head and speaker cabinets (designated as a Super Twin), Fawn exterior, the traditional Candy (Copper) panel, Brown Diamond Lattice pattern grillcloth, brass vent louvers, tall black pointer knobs, a duet of of Celestion T.530 Azure Blue “Bulldog” AlNiCo 12″ speakers, and an entirely NOS set of Mullard vacuum tubes/valves.

Serial Number: 5329 N

This incredibly rare version features the aforementioned Fawn exterior, as well as, a trio of original Woden transformers, all original White Erie resistors, original WIMA capacitors, both Brimar and Mullard tubes, a Westrex, Ltd. chassis, and a traditional P.A.Glock 2×12″ cabinet with 3/4″ sides.

George Harrison used a ’62 Fawn AC-30 very early in The Beatles’ career (aside John Lennon’s Fawn AC-15), and famous Vox endorsee Cliff Richards used several Fawn AC-30s with The Shadows. Later players, such as Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, used Fawn AC-30s as well. Sure, there is an incredible alumnus of Vox AC-30 users, but the elite Fawn AC-30 has such a distinct appearance, indicitive of those made during a very small period of time, used by a veritable who’s who of early-’60s British rock stars, and for good reason… this amp sounds even better than it looks!

This amplifier works perfectly and sounds incredible. Probably the best AC-30 I’ve ever heard, it is incredibly efficient and powerful with a sweet, sensitive, chiming quality. With unbelievably musical headroom, without being harsh or oppressive, it sustains beautifully, and is perfectly transparent and organic. Each channel has a unique voicing, all of which are appealing in their own subtle way. The speakers work perfectly, and the original cones do not exhibit voicecoil fatigue nor cone distortion.

In the early-90’s (circa 1993) the Fawn Rose Morris VOX AC-30 was reissued, and though not extremely faithful to the original, have since become fairly collectable in their own right, fetching over $3,000.00 on numerous occasions. For VOX collectors, this AC-30 is considered the holy grail, and short of having factory installed Top Boost, it really doesn’t get better than this.