1962 Vox AC30 Amplifier

This is a vintage 1962 VOX AC30/6 guitar amplifier with Top Boost. Perhaps the most desirable 1960s combo amplifier ever made, the AC30 has been showcased on some of the most famous recordings of all time, and has become synonymous with the tone of classic British rock. This particular example, serial number 12725T, is in very good original condition, and sounds absolutely spectacular. Do not miss this rare opportunity to buy the sound that inspired generations of guitar players.

Of the numerous AC/30 varieties, this is possibly the most iconic, and features: a smooth grey tolex, a copper/candy red control panel, brown diamond grill cloth, Celestion “Blue Bulldog” speakers and a rear panel “Top Boost” circuit.

The amplifier is in good (7/10) original cosmetic condition, and most definitely exhibits nearly 50 years of thorough use. The edges of the cabinet display numerous tolex tears, scrapes and rips. The grill cloth is faded, snagged and frayed.

Aside from the usual electronic service, this amp is in beautifully intact original electronic condition. All of the transformers, all pots, most capacitors, both speakers, Vibrato/Tremolo footswitch, and Westrex chassis are original and functional. The tubes were replaced, as well as, several capacitors.

The amp works perfectly and sounds great. It appears that the most recent service was nearly 20 years ago (according to the ARS parts with an early ’93 date code), and while it works fine and sounds incredible, an updated service may be in order.