1962 Supro Model 1600R Supreme

Here is a vintage 1962 Supro Model 1600R “Supreme” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number T67496, is in very excellent cosmetic condition, and was made to be the companion to the much more common Supro “Reverberation” separate reverb/amp unit with an identically mirrored aesthetic, aside from the smaller control panel situated near the left side of the handle on the top. In fact, this amp is incredibly rare, and for every 100 Reverberation units, only 1 1600R was made. Interestingly enough, this rare amp shares a schematic nearly identical to that of a 1624T, which is widely considered to be one of the best-sounding Supro designs ever made. Whether you’re looking for an amazing-sounding Jimmy Page-style Supro amp, or an ├╝ber rare Valco-made specimen, this is certainly a cool amp to consider.

Serial Number: T67496
Transformer Codes: 5246142, 989 0652
Speaker Date Code: 220204 (Jensen, early ’62)

This amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3 rectifier tube, (2) 6973 power tubes, and (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes through a 1 x 10″ Jensen C10R Special Design speaker. The power tubes have been replaced, as well as, (1) pre-amp tube, though the amp still retains the original Philco rectifier and one RCA pre-amp tube.

The cosmetic condition of this amp is quite impressive, with no evidence of significant flaws or damage. There is really nothing to mention other than the white tube stripes having faded to a creamy brown color, although both of which are still very structurally intact and nice. The grill cloth is in perfect structural condition, and the tolex is in correspondingly excellent shape.

Of course the amp sounds incredible. It produces fantastic overdriven crunch which seems to compliment any guitar. This particular amp sounds great with both a Tele and a Les Paul. The original speaker (with original cone) is in perfect structural condition and does not exhibit fatigue.

The output transformer was replaced for unknown reasons, but all other components are original and in perfect functional shape!