1962 Silvertone 1423 Jupiter

This is a vintage 100% all original 1962 Silvertone 1423 “Jupiter” electric guitar. This particular example is in very excellent all original condition, and includes the original soft case! These budget Silvertones have always been great bargains as they represent super cool and classic vintage tone for a very reasonable price.

Potentiometer Codes: 137945 (1959, 45th week)
Pickup Date: SEP 20 1962
Weight: 5 lbs. 2 oz.

The Silvertone Jupiter features: the original black with gold speckle finish, spruce top and back, maple sides, DeArmond single coil pickups by Rowe Industries, rosewood adjustable bridge, open-back Kluson tuners, and the original soft case!

This guitar plays great and sounds fantastic, and not just good in comparison to other similar makes and models, but it would compete with some of the nicest vintage Rickenbacker and Gretsches with respect to general vibe. Pickups sound super colorful with tons of retro personality, and the guitar is a genuine joy to play.

The neck is straight and the radius is basically flat, so it feels great for all types of playing and enables effortless string bending. Whether with slide, strumming or single-note solos, this is a really great sounding guitar.