1962 Martin 5-15T

This is a vintage 1962 Martin 5-15T tenor acoustic guitar. This 100% all original example, serial number 186589, is in perfect structural condition and includes the original soft case. Displaying the usual playing wear, this 100% intact example is a no issues specimen, with no cracks, no breaks, no repairs, and no modifications. The original soft case has been painted black and the guitar no longer has it’s white plastic strap button.

The “5” body size designation is a highly desirable feature, whereby this size complements the entirely Mahogany construction and the 4-string tenor configuration. As is the case with the Martin 5-18 acoustic guitar, also known as the Marty Robbins model, it is actually much more rare than the usual “0” and “00” sized models. With sweet and focused projection, this instrument produces a beautiful voice not achieved by larger models. Also, the tuning and timbre of a 5-15T is akin to the tonality of a banjo, so for those searching for an additional musical texture, this is most certainly a viable option. Amazingly, this guitar still retains vintage flatwound strings circa the ’60s!