1962 Martin 00-18

This is a vintage 1962 Martin 00-18 vintage flat top acoustic guitar. This particular 100% all original example, serial number 184666, is in very good all original condition and includes the original emerald green interior Lifton hard case! Recently acquired from the original owner’s family, this is perhaps one of the best playing and sounding specimens form this era. With lower action than that of an electric guitar, this is an effortless strummer, ready to go without the usual neck reset and string-height adjustment.

As mentioned, this guitar is in nicely preserved 100% all original condition. Along the waist of the bass side bout, there were lyrics taped directly onto the wood, which fused to the lacquer finish creating a textured artifact. Otherwise, there is a small, unrepaired, crack which was caused by an impact with a small blunt protrusion.

Aside from those two issues, this guitar is in excellent all original shape. The bridge and top are perfectly flat with no evidence of bellying. There are no top cracks nor back cracks.