1962 Marshall “Metal Badge” Amplifier

This is a vintage 1962 Marshall “metal badge” amplifier head and era appropriate matching “block logo” 2×12″ speaker cabinets. You might recognize this amplifier head as being featured in the History of Marshall book by Michael Doyle. In fact, the amplifier head, which was part of Mr. Doyle’s private collection was signed by Jim Marshall during the making of the book, and was sold soon thereafter in 1994 to a collector for $12,000.00. A year later this exact amp head and these cabinets found its way into the Guitar Center Hollywood’s collection, and was showcased in their “Walk of Fame” display on Sunset Blvd.

I have done my best to completely document every inch of both the amp head and the matching pair of cabinets, so please take your time and inspect all of the photos included.

Remarkably, the amplifier head is in excellent cosmetic condition with no significant damage to the tolex, grill cloth, or control panel. As can be seen the most important components are original, intact, and working. During it’s 15+ year residency in Guitar Center Hollywood, the original knobs were stolen, and the original leather handle was compromised. Otherwise, the amp is just as it appears in Michael Doyle’s fantastic book.

The amplifier head does not have a serial number, but as Doyle suggests, the amp appears to be from 1962. This pre-JTM 45 amp features KT66 power tubes, and actually sounds pretty amazing.

The set of extremely rare speaker cabinets is in amazing condition as well. Beautifully intact with a matching quartet of original Celestion G12s, these cabinets are exceedingly rare and near impossible to find. The speakers alone are worth over $1,000.00 a piece, let alone a matching set of 4. The cones appear original, and the speakers work and sound great.