1962 Gibson Discoverer GA-8T

This is a vintage 1962 Gibson Discoverer Tremolo GA-8T electric guitar amplifier with corresponding original manual. This highly rare, and short-lived, incarnation of the GA-8T, which is decorated in the incredibly attractive combination of a smooth chocolate brown vinyl cabinet with Tweed- era grille cloth, is perhaps the best unknown amp ever produced by Gibson. Like the Supro Model 1624(T/N) or 24, this portable combo features a single 12″ Jensen speaker and a duet of ECL82 power tubes, producing about 18 watts of high gain output. Made alongside the Crestline-series Gibson amps, this transitional version looks nothing like concurrent counterparts, rather, it reflects the earlier style build of Gibson’s late-50’s Tweed covered amplifiers.

Serial Number: N/A
Transformer Codes: 524 62 14 (both transformers have same date code, both are denoted for model GA18)
Speaker Code: 220220 (Jensen, 20 weeks into ’62)

A sufficient Google search will reveal that this amp could quite possibly be either a prototype or a model with extremely low production. The transformers are clearly designated for a GA-18 model, and the non-serialzed chassis isn’t typical of manufacturing techniques from this era.

This amplifier sounds amazing. Much like a similar size Supro or small UK-made (Watkins or WEM) amp, it produces a killer collapsing overdrive which is absolutely uncharacteristic of the usual Gibson amps with a pair of 6V6 power tubes. Tons of gain, loads of saturuation, this is the only recording amp one would need to capture that Marshall wall of tone without the worry of being evicted.