1962 Fender Tremolux -Amp

This is a vintage 1962 Fender Tremolux Amp. This second generation (1st generation is the impossibly rare 1 x 10″ with tone ring variety) Tremolux piggyback features; rough blond tolex, dark red “Ox Blood” grill cloth, 2 x 10″ speakers, flat logos, and a dark brown control panel with white knobs. Made for a rather short period of time, this variety was quickly substituted for a similar aesthetic but with wheat-colored grill cloth. This particular example, serial number 01311, is in very excellent all original cosmetic condition and includes the original matching speaker cabinet (serial number S 1483).

Serial Number: 01311
Tube Chart Date Stamp: LA (January ’62)
Transformer Codes: 68409, 606120, 606-146

As can be seen in the 120+ photos in the flash gallery to the left, this Tremolux is in 100% ALL ORIGINAL cosmetic condition, and it is in considerably excellent shape.

The amplifier head is in very excellent condition. The rough blond tolex is very intact with no rips, tears, or modifications. There are 2 very small areas of discoloration from knots in the cabinet. The grill cloth is in near perfect shape. All of the hardware is original and in very nice shape. The original brown face panel is very excellent with no considerable condition flaws.

This example has all the original transformers, all with late-1961 date codes. Inevitably, the electrolytic caps were replaced, along with a couple others on the board. The power tubes have been replaced and the power cord has been upgraded to a three prong. The back panel to the head is missing, but the original metal plate within the cabinet is still secured with one screw.

The matching speaker cabinet is in corresponding excellent shape. The grill cloth is in very excellent shape: there are no rips, no holes, and no tears. There are a couple of very small scuffs, but the grill is surprisingly intact and very attractive.

The speakers have been replaced with mid 90’s Eminence Speakers. While they are not original, they happen to sound particularly good with the amp.

This amp works perfectly and sounds really really great. It is nice and tight with plenty of rich low-end and sweet non-harsh mids and highs. It really fills a room, and produces quintessential Fender piggyback tone. With the volume turned up past 8, the amp really opens up, and begins to sound like a Vox in nature with beautiful headroom. It would be hard to describe just how surprisingly good this amp sounds. It sounded twice as good as the last one I had, and it absolutely blew away a 6G6-A Bassman from the same year. Do not underestimate this amp, it might be one of the best you haven’t heard!