1962 Fender Pro -Amp

Here is a vintage 1962 Fender Pro -Amp “6G5″ electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 56328, is in good vintage condition, but since it has several modifications, would make for a perfect player’s piece! It sounds incredible, and will quickly become your go-to amp for plug-in-and-play action. Actually quite rare, the singe 15″ brown Pro with Oxblood grillecloth is not the kind of amp you come across too often.

Serial Number: 56328
Transformer Codes: 606220, 606241, 606-723
Tube Chart Date: LA (January 1962)
Speaker Date Code: 67-7849 (Eminence)

The original brown vinyl tolex exterior is in nice condition with no overly distracting flaws. The notorious bubbling toward the bottom, is a result of tolex glue drying over the years. The original Oxblood grillecloth is structurally intact, though does show evidence of minor fading. The control panel is surprisingly crisp with only a few small blemishes. All of the hardware is in overall nice condition, the chassis is quite clean. The two back panels appears to be mojo replacements, and do not perfectly match the original tolex on the original cabinet. The output transformer was replaced in 1967, and the Eminence speaker is a late-’70s replacement.

This ’62 Pro utilizes; (2) 6L6 and (6) 7025 tubes through a 1 x 15” speaker. All of the electrolytic capacitors are original, though the amp has had some heavy modifications. As can be seen in the photographs, there are several indications of rewiring the entire circuit board, which resulted in the “Intensity” knob to act as a Master volume. Channel 1 functions, but produces a very clean tone without Bass and Treble functionality. Channel 2 happens to sound incredibe, and whoever modded this amp did a fantastic job. It will absolutely destroy a Supro Thunderbolt, and will out perform any similar Fender Pro. It’s very loud with a light gain that saturates perfectly when turned all the way up. It has a very musical head room that allows for balanced articulation and is highly transparent with no undesired coloring.