1962 Fender Princeton -Amp

This is a vintage 1962 Fender Princeton -Amp (6G2) electric guitar amplifier. This Brown tolex & Brown panel version, serial number P03570, is in absolutely pristine cosmetic condition. It is 100% all original with the original Victoria canvas cover, the original brown footswitch, and a copy of the original purchase receipt. This amp is mint, it is in perfect condition. This time-capsule condition, museum-quality piece is amongst the finest I have had, so if you’re a collector, I advise you to act, because these do not come cleaner.

Serial Number: P03570
Speaker Date Code: 465-244 (Oxford)
Transformer Codes: 606233, 606238

As mentioned, this amp is in mint 100% all original condition! The speaker, transformers, tubes, and every other component and part is original in this amp, including; all Sylvania and RCA tubes, all capacitors, the power cable, the hardware, . The vinyl tolex is perfect. The brown face plate is perfect, aside from some finger grease around the knobs from the little use it has seen. The grill cloth is perfect. See for yourself.

Yep, the amp works perfectly and sounds great: it is loud, efficient, clean, warm, etc: everything you would expect from a great Brown Princeton. Oh, and for those of you who know, this amp sounds 20x better than an early ’64 Blackface model by the same name. This is the one. The original speaker is nice and tight, and does not exhibit even the slightest symptoms of fatigue. In pretty much every respect, this amp is brand new. The previous owner said that the original cover had shrunk after being washed in his washing machined, hence the super tight and shortened profile.