1962 Fender Jazz Bass

This is a vintage, all original, 1962 Fender Jazz Bass, bass guitar, in exceptionally clean, near mint, condition. This particular example, serial number 79939, is the cleanest example I have ever seen… even the original La Bella flat wound strings look clean! As mentioned, this pre-CBS slab-board bass is in excellent, near mint, vintage cosmetic condition and features; the original 3-tone Sunburst nitrocellulose finish, a maple neck with Brazilian rosewood slab board fingerboard, a faux tortoise shell material pickguard, reverse tuning machines, original pickups, original pots, original bridge and pickup covers, original frets, original mutes, original hardware, the original brown case, original strap and even the original instrument cable. This particular variety bass is considered the best-sounding Jazz Bass ever made, and since this version was only produced for approximately a year, happens to be one of the rarest.

This amazing example of a Jazz Bass has an ink stamped neck date of MAY ’62. The Stackpole pot codes display a production date of early 1962 (304-6218) and retain original un-touched solder joints. The bass is quite light and weighs 8 lbs 14 oz. The bass sounds, plays, and looks amazing. The neck exhibits slight relief but can be straightened if desired, as the truss rod works perfectly. The neck profile is extremely comfortable, as is common for early slab board era necks and the traditional “A” style neck width: with an easy and manageable depth and shape, the neck fits perfectly in your hand and enables effortless and enjoyable playability.

This super clean example is strikingly well-preserved with only two small areas of wear. The body does not exhibit weather-checking anywhere, and there is no evidence of fading in the finish. Yes, the bass is really as clean and stunning as it appears in the photos. The bass has not been cleaned, (check out the photos of the frets), and has never been serviced. This is a pristine specimen.

The neck has noticeable figure, and it displays nicely subtle flame. The Brazilian rosewood slab fingerboard is just as attractive as the maple beneath and the original clay dot inlays exhibit the perfect patina. The headstock is in mint condition, and the original decal is incredibly crisp. The body is near immaculate with the aforementioned small areas of wear, and the 3-tone nitrocellulose sunburst finish is incredibly sound. The pickguard is flat, un-cracked, un-shnruken and considerably shiny. Take notice of the original felt mutes and their remarkably clean condition! Wow!

The bass weighs a mere 8 pounds and 14 ounces. Perhaps the best thing about this bass is the way it sounds. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t change a thing; not the setup, not the oxidized frets nor the strings. I wouldn’t adjust anything. It sounds so fantastic as-is, and is a contender for the best bas tone I have ever heard. Rich, lush, percussive and musical with ethereal harmonics that render this bass almost magical, it’s hard t imagine any electrified stringed instrument sounding this good.

For those concerned with originality and condition, this is the bass for which you’ve been looking, and for the others who are focused on sound quality, craftsmanship and performance, well, it does that too.

Every once in a while, comes an instrument you know you should keep forever, and while this ranks highly amongst those in that category, I just can’t keep ’em all.