1962 Fender Deluxe

This is a vintage 1962 Fender Deluxe -Amp (6G3) electric guitar amplifier. This Brown tolex version, serial number D03017, is in impeccably mint, 100% all original condition! This pre-CBS Deluxe includes the original Victoria canvas protective cover, the original brown single-function footswitch and even the original instruction pamphlet with intact warranty card. Entirely original, with every component and piece of hardware in immaculate condition, this is an amp worthy of any collection.

Serial Number: D03017
Tube Chart Stamp: LJ (October 1962)
Speaker Date Code: 465-238 (Oxford, 38 weeks into 1962)
Transformer Codes: 606235, 606236 (mid-’62)

As mentioned above, this amp is in absolutely mint 100% all original condition! The speaker, transformers, tubes, and every other component and part is original in this amp, including; all Sylvania, RCA, GE, and Tung Sol tubes, all capacitors, all hardware, and even the 2-prong power cable. The wheat-colored grille cloth is perfectly preserved, as is the original brown tolex. The face plate is near perfect, with all screened font completely intact. Even the chassis is super clean!