1962 Fender Bassman -Amp

This is a vintage 1962 Fender Bassman-Amp bass guitar amplifier. This late ’62 6G6-A Bassman piggyback features; rough blond tolex, dark red “Ox Blood” grill cloth, 2 x 12″ speakers, flat logos, and a dark brown control panel with white knobs. This particular example, serial number BP04706, is in average used cosmetic condition and includes the original matching speaker cabinet (serial number M 06489). This amp was recently professionally serviced and only has been used less than an hour since, to ensure it works perfectly, and while it may not be entirely original or in pristine condition, it will make an absolutely fantastic player’s amp!

Serial Number: BP04706
Tube Chart Date Stamp: LK (November 1962)
Transformer Codes: 606-519, 606-242, 60624?

This version of the Fender Bassman, the 6G6-A schematic, utilizes (2) 5881 power tubes and (4) 7025 preamp tubes. While not as desirable as it’s 6G6 predecessor with a rectifier tube, this particular amp sounds excellent. It is loud, clean and efficient with highly musical headroom and a sweet-sounding presence.

The amplifier head is in good vintage condition with loads of vibe. Cosmetically, the amp is almost entirely original: the blonde tolex, the “Ox blood” grill cloth, flat logos, brown control panel, white knobs and leg supports are all original and intact. The (2) dogbone handles are recent reproductions, and the cabinet is missing most of the original screws that secure the original back panel to the cabinet.

There are tons of dings and scratches on the brown face panel, and quite a few stains in the blonde tolex, yet the general aesthetic is attractive and cool. The rough blond tolex exhibits some seam separations, cigarette burns and stains from sap leaking from wood knots in the cabinets, although as mentioned it adds a nice and unique vintage appeal. The grill cloth is in surprisingly intact shape aside from one single snag. All of the hardware is original, though some is clearly oxidized. The original brown face panel is intact but shows signs of heavy use. All transformers appear to be original with the exception of the ’65 stamp.

The original matching speaker cabinet is in correspondingly average shape. The grill cloth is in nice condition with only a few minor punctures, but is still structurally intact and attractive. The speakers have been replaced with mid-60’s Utah Special Design Speakers for Fender (328-701). While they are not original, they might have been replaced during the time the speakers were made. One speaker is a little fatigued, the symptoms of which are highly exacerbated with low notes that are played aggressively. This amp head works perfectly and sounds really really great. It is nice and tight with plenty of rich low-end and sweet non-harsh mids and highs. It really fills a room, and produces quintessential Fender piggyback tone.