1962 Epiphone Coronet

This is a vintage 1962 Epiphone Coronet electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 86986, is in average mostly original condition with NO breaks, NO cracks and NO repairs. This early-variety Coronet is more similar to its Gibson counterpart, the Les Paul Junior, than those made after 1963 with asymmetrical body design and the later “Bat Wing: headstock. Identical to the “Dwight” played by Steve Marriott of Humble Pie, this rare version was only produced for approximately a single year, so take advantage of this extremely reasonable offer, and become the proud new owner of a fantastic vintage Epi Coronet.

As mentioned, this guitar is mostly original, and features: an “open-book” headstock profile, the original P-90 pickup (7.73Ω) with the original plastic cover, a non-original vintage chrome wrap-around tailpiece, the original “e” logo pickguard, original black reflector knobs, the original single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, 1 11/16″ nut width and all original hardware. The bridge should be nickel-plated, just as the wrap-around bridge studs are.

The finish is nicely intact, with expected fading and slight discoloration to a light cherry. It has not faded to the brownish color some are known to acquire through years of sun and smoke exposure. With only the most minimal of weather-checking, the finish is still very crisp and sheen. There is not much evidence of playing wear, however, there are signs of poor care. For instance; while the guitar does not exhibit arm wear or belt buckle wear, there are sporadic visible dings around the edges of the body and headstock: consistent with cosmetic wear caused by those not familiar with basic guitar care. Aside from these minimal dings, there is a significant gouge near the heel of the neck, and though it appears to be a crack, is actually a nasty scrape.

Though the wrap-around bridge is not original, it is an appropriate vintage bridge with the wrong finish. As a mid-60s bridge, the only noticeable difference is the chrome plating instead of the nickel plating.

The guitar plays and sounds incredible. With more mass than a Gibson SG Jr. The near-slab body shape with a single P-90 is simple, yet effective. Les Paul Jr.s, SG Jr.s, and Epi Coronets have always been in demand due to their straight-forward design approach and great reliable tone.

The neck is perfectly straight, the frets display light wear on the first two, and the action is super low all the way up the neck. The guitar weighs 6 lbs. 3 oz. and is very acoustically resonant. Included for shipping purposes is a non-original Gibson gig bag.